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Skulltura Part 2

The main ingredient in this installment is Reggae mixed with heavy Cumbia flavors. You can hear the Gaitas and Accordions ride over big Drum Beats topped with lyrical madness from some of Jamaica’s finest singers!

Enjoy the tropical taste of Skulltura Partt 2 !


The wearing of masks is a common tradition in many cultures. By masquerading, ritual dancers allow the souls of the deceased to escape to their final resting place and join the ranks of their ancestors, thereby restoring order to the universe. Over the evolution of civilization, the mask symbolizes different believes and found its way into our modern societies.

Ingo Möll, the creative mind behind Kabanjak and Ancient Astronauts, captures this heritage with his project Deela and transforms the concept into his musical expression. For him, the skull mask represents the fact that all humans are equal beneath their skin. All forms of music draw their energy from the same source, the source of culture and nature.

Deela is producing music since the year of 2001. What started as a four piece band ensemble is now Ingo Möll’s own imprint for electronic world music. It’s a funky fusion that fuels his inspiration from Global Bass, Latin, House, Afrobeat and Cumbia. The sound is a result of his experimentations with traditional and modern sounds, often ending up being mixed so precisely that the listener can’t explain if the music is from a distant era or fresh from a computers’ hard disk.

Although there are no oceans and palms surrounding his Evergreen Studio in Germany, he manages to come up with a truly tropical style. Because of this unique sound, Deela gained a lot of international reputation by DJ’s, musicians, press and fans alike. Artists like Ease (Nightmares On Wax), Diesler, Danny Massure or Mo’ Horizons praise his energetic and moving songs, playing Deela’s music on worldwide dancefloors.

In the typical fashion of an electronic producer, he also remixed various artists like Issa Bagayogo or Soulphonic Soundsystem. Companies like Mini, Red Bull and many others developed a foible for his sound and used the music in various advertising campaigns and image trailers.

The Deela skull reminds us of our ancestors’ traditions in a modern, hectic world. The interconnected aspect of our cultural diversity can be revealed through masked rituals, and maintain their power and mystery both for their wearers and audience. Masquerade yourself and join the tribe!


Skulltura Part 1

„Pure fire in here, so time to catch some sun and sea!“

Alex Flexible Sounds / Cannibal Radio Greece

„…the rawest, most exotic beats you will hear… Perfect material to dance a hot, sweaty night away.“

Poldoore / Cold Busted Records

Revenge Of The Calavera

„Summer is here, packed with the Deela edits the weekend can’t go wrong. Joe Cuba edit is my favorite!“

Renegades Of Jazz / Agogo Records

„Four heavily produced bangin mash up tracks from Deela. Each one is like a secret weapon when DJing.“

DJ Brace / 2016 DMC Online World Champion

Dancing Fires

„Absolute killer Highlife that will bring fire to the dancefloors!“

Umoja / ZZK Records

„The African guitar work & vocal parts are nice!“

K. Sabroso / Breakin Bread

Ritmo De Las Calaveras

„Traditional and modern music in a tight mix!“

Andrés Digital / Tropical Bass


Aaron C. Hollis / Fan

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